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Is an expression for people that are far to out of this time and need to be brought back to reality. People dressing in something called "new age", partying with aliens masks on, thinking the world revolved around them all the time, and updating their facebook's with pictures of them wearing beehives on their head.
After saying that the world ends in 21012 and putting her fingers up on her head, Lady GaGa had tripped on her retro 12'' high heels.

Girl with TV hair pins, " Ga... I was totally zonked 2day da, Bima shafted 2 scadodles over fingalurizzle...

Boy, "Okay did you know the world ends in 2012?"

Boy with cowboy boots, "The world ends in 2012."

Girl with balls in her hair, "Wow Oh, em, gee."

Lindsay Lohan was in protest screaming how the world ends in 2012 and after a year of rehab she is back in blue jeans.

Lindsay realized the she was wrong for thinking the world ends in 2012 but it helped her face reality about doing drugs. Right now she is helping wildlife conservation.
by cammbuns July 12, 2010
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