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1.) That line you get into when you're hungry.
2.) That line you get into when you might not be interested in eating, but need to get away from incompetent fucks who don't make any sense.
3.) That place you go to escape any situation involving morons, regardless of whether or not a lunchline is available at that time.
1.) "Let's get in the lunchline."

2.) *Incompetent youth at lunchtable talking about something stupid*

Mobaby: *interrupts* Peaches, you getting in the lunchline? Let's get in the lunchline.

3.) *Irritatingly trendy scene kid in the mall talking about how trendy scene kids suck*
Mobaby: *interrupts* Roo, let's just get in the lunchline.
by Mobaby July 18, 2006
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