1:did you hear? george bush says he is going to handle iraq the american way
2:we're fucked then
1:indeed we are
by bahmahhahhahahaha May 14, 2007
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If you mess with america, me an' Jim Bob and the boys are gonna get some guns together and put a boot in your ass, it's the american way!
by deadfan89 August 18, 2021
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A term used to refer to the longstanding history of the United States sanctioned murder of African Americans.
George Floyd’s death, the most recent example of An American Way of Death, will be the final horrific link in the long chain of stolen black lives that changes the world.
by Dr Bunnygirl June 10, 2020
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A sickeningly-glaring comparison of da wasteful nature of many of us "lucky duckies" in da good ol' You-Ess-of-Ay", as opposed to how much cheaper we could accomplish simple stuff if we just paused a moment and used our heads for something besides a hat-rack! Don't even get me **started** on THIS one...!
The American way vs. the economical way "just to change a light bulb" in your Christmas-tree string:
The American way: Freak out, then hop in your CAR, DRIVE to da nearest WAL-MART, BUY a 0%!$@#& ENTIRE PACKAGE OF BULBS, DRIVE back home, remove ONE BULB to replace da spent bulb, and then toss da rest of da bulbs in a junk-drawer, where it'll never see da light of day for decades, whereupon you'll sell it for a quarter at a yard sale! (Note --- extra points if you later discover dat you actually STILL HAD da small bag of spare bulbs dat originally came wif da light string! :P) Total cost: $11 ($8 for da bulbs, $3 for travel-gas)!!
The economical way: Coolly notice da burned-out bulb, then calmly consider your options... first, see if you might actually have a few spare bulbs around; if there isn't a small bag of dem in da box dat da string came in, do you have another light-string you aren't using, and that you could temporarily "borrow" a bulb from? And if not, just don your coat/boots, then take a leisurely stroll around town, looking for homes/stores dat use da same kind of bulb for their own light-strings; go ask these folks if they have any extra bulbs dat came with their light-strings, and if you could purchase one for 25 cents. Or go to da local thrift-store and ask if they have any old/broken light-strings in their rummage-bins dat you could buy cheap, or scrounge for discarded light-strings at da dump. Total cost: ZILCH --- or at most maybe fifty cents for da bulbs!
by QuacksO August 25, 2018
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