When male ejaculate dries on a fabric surface and disappears, but leaves a hard edged wrinkle on the fabric, causing it to crease.
by Moira49 January 4, 2011
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When someone puts their vape on a lanyard. The two objects combined make a vapor napor
Friend 1. Yo that’s a cool vapor napor
Friend 2. Thanks man I kept losing my vape so I needed to make a vapor napor
by Kantidi April 30, 2022
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Having anal sex with Vicks vapo-rub when you're out of lube.
I ran out of KY jelly so I gave my wife a vaporizer. Our privates smell like Newports.
by Area 2, A crew December 9, 2017
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Massive marketing promotions for products & services not yet available, or even given an availability date by the providing organization.
"I hope the size of the new iPhone isn't vapor-hype. The last one didnt' really give us anything new."
by uni-marketer February 20, 2012
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It is a makeshift Vaporizer that consists of a normal bong and a blow dryer (hair dryer).

You pack your substance into the bong like normal, but instead of using a lighter, you use the blow dryer to "vaporize" the substance.

This is normally used when a stoner watches Manswers and realizes that the best way to get high is through vaporizer, but is to broke for a real vaporizer.
My, Stoner Vaporizer rips like a beat... I was as higher then i have ever been!!
by Go Google It! November 14, 2010
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when the fart stink so bad it's not passing gas anymore, it's the most horrendous odor to ever exist and entering the atmosphere.
guy 1: dude did you just pass gas?
guy2: no, bro.. that was swamp vapor.
by notswampvaporguy April 4, 2023
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