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In it's purest form, the parson's gambit involves nothing more than a surprise attack while a man is in the irreversible throes of digestive egress. In other words, harassing a man while he is taking a shit. As it is commonly known that once a bowel movement has begun, no power on earth can stop it. The victim will therefore be forced to endure any and all schemes and embarrassments imaginable.
Oh man, did you see the parson's gambit Todd set up in the locker room?" "No, what happened." "Eddy was minding his own business, dropping a deuce, when Todd snuck over the stall and nailed him with an air horn and that aerosol cheese. There was nothing he could do but sit there and take it until the dirty business was done." "Stone Cold.
by SenatorGreg May 12, 2011
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