"the hayden" is a term used in reference to exceptionally good looking fellow with a handsome smile and a presence about him.
Look at that pic of him. He has "the hayden" look. Damn that is sexy.
by Lyle Ericson September 14, 2007
A Hayden is a guy who is similar to chad but isn't as mean spirited. He is very loyal and is always willing to lend you a hand.
girl 1 : damn that chad is hot
girl 2 : that's not chad he's a hayden
by MrDweller May 2, 2019
Hayden is the will never achieve the rank of master and he will kill every youngling he sees

If you ever get in a fight with Hayden you must get the high ground immediately
by Dbmd2007 December 10, 2019
wow thats a funny alien, maybe its name is Hayden
by probably not hayden September 30, 2019
A guy who is down to earth, knows how to make you laugh, and is very kind. He is one of the sexiest and smartest men alive. He is someone who always knows what to do and can solve any problem. He is also someone who you can talk to for hours and he'll listen and help you. There isn't anyone more perfect than Hayden and if you ever meet him you should never let go because you'll never find someone else as good as him.
That guy is so amazing he could almost be classified as a hayden
by Haydenthegreat July 11, 2017
Hayden is the most talented and funniest guy I know. He plays a whole bunch of instruments. He needs some help when it comes to girls, but all he needs is a wing man (me). No one can replace him. He is the best. If you are reading this Hayden, do not forget me when you become a rock star.
Person 1: "have you met Hayden? He is so talented"
Person 2: "yeah, I know him, he is my best friend"
by Xxbright redxX May 2, 2020