Phrase yelled, several times, by Arnold Schwarznegger in the movie True Lies to inform his wife that the bridge is out.

Used to tell people that a bridge ahead of them is out.
Andrew is driving along a road towards a bridge
Steven drops in to yell "The bridge is out!"
by bnbm February 28, 2008
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describing something that is cool, and or something that one likes
that car over there is bridged out
by dave February 12, 2005
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Bridged out. -- To fuck Your-Self out of a good thing. Derived From Miles Bridges and Chris Brown's mistakes in Life. Ja Morant is the newest case in being "bridged out" of the Nba, thanks to his own stupidity. I.E. Kicked out, or crossed out.
That Basketball player got Bridged out! By holding a gun on social media, Ja Morant bridged his self out of the NBA.
Chris Brown's altercation with Rhianna bridged his self out of promised endorsements and opportunities.
by Flint-town Mafia June 2, 2023
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