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The angry ape is a complicated and twisted sexual act; it requires a willing man and a sometimes unwilling dwarf, midget, or downie. To complete this unimaginable deed, one first probes the female's vagina with both fists in the doggy style position, and then proceeds to insert the hard on into the anus, whether it is clean or dirty, shaven or hairy. Once in this position, the male has entered the hunched-over ape stance that gives this act its name, and only needs to proceed with fucking both the anus with the erect penis and the vagina with the fists. While doing the female, it is a requirement but usually a side effect to make inhumane apelike noises. Once orgasm has been attained, discarding of the female to the proper trash receptacle is recommended.
"Hey Chris, why are you dragging a midgetted downie to the trash can?"
"I just did the angry ape... and don't worry Matt, i recycle."
by GMW and CJM October 23, 2006
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