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thatsojack is a youtuber who is super cute his old account JBmusicx got deleted):! he makes music videos and hilarious vlogs. I'm pretty sure all the guy youtubers wish they were as cute as him and all the girl youtubers wish they could get in his pants.
do you know thatsojack?

PFF. who doesn't?
by ilikecookiesYO October 31, 2010
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youtuber and member of many fandoms. thatsojack is sometimes known as the "leader of the one direction fandom," a title that was taken away from tyler oakley when he became a major asshole.
"so today i met a guy who was really sarcastic, awkward in a way that makes him physically attractive, and had probably the best hair i've ever seen."

"so basically you met thatsojack."
by detroitnialll March 21, 2014
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A youtuber twink who claims to be straight but obviously isn't. Well known for being 1/5 of the "Fab Five" group
Girl 1: OMG did you see Thatsojack's new video?
Girl 2: What video?

Girl 1: His coming out video..
Girl 2: I KNEW IT!
by Jayy124 January 19, 2015
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