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When someone is using a technology that's old and thinks it's still cool.
I updated my facebook page. Did you see my new pics?

Thats so myspace, everyone uses Google+ now.
by UsualSuspects June 30, 2011
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a phrase used to comment on someone or something that is at least one of the following:

1) overly-emo
2) seeking too much attention
3) inappropriately hitting on someone via internet
4) exposing more of your life than you should be
5) creating a false illusion of one's self
6) way too slutty than a person would normally be

"thats so myspace" brings back feelings from the days when we were all such horrible myspace whores. now living in the seemingly more mature world of Facebook, we use this phrase to frown on all things myspace since we're all such better people now and don't make foolish mistakes like having unprotected sex with a stranger you've been messaging for the past 6 hours with. can also be used when someone is seeking attention by exposing their supposed depression which may or may not be accompanied by suicidal actions/comments. also, "thats so myspace" is used when reminded of the glory days of myspace... the days when the girls were super easy, foolish, and were more than willing to do ANYTHING for some guy she has not yet met in person.
via gawd-awful FB chat:
Raymond: Dude. What's up with your new pics in your profile pics section? And that strangely vague status message that hints at suicide?
Josh: Just been feeling a lil down lately... I feel a slight release of the pain inside when I document these moments with the use of my 16.1 megapixel camera.

Raymond: Geeeezzzz... Thats so myspace!!

Josh: I knew you wouldn't understand. Hey, can you can you come over and help me take some awkward angle pix? My arm is getting tired from doing it myself.

Raymond: No... And once again, "thats so myspace!"
by Mr. Chavez March 02, 2010
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