Used to describe some skill or ability that one excels in.

Originally coined by Ralph Wiggum of the Simpsons, saying "Sleep! That's where I'm a viking!" While obviously meaning that he is a viking in his dream, it has been reinterpreted by nerds to mean that Ralph excels at sleep, and describes himself as a "viking" in that field.

Most often used by Dungeons and Dragons nerds to describe a particularly high stat.
by Mr. Whim June 27, 2009
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Used to describe excellence in failure or, more specifically, success at a skill or in a field which is so ignoble as to be a kind of failure.

The phrase derives from The Simpsons episode "Lisa the Vegetarian." Ralph Wiggum, a deeply unintelligent and maladjusted child, eats the worm he is supposed to dissect. Ralph's teacher, Miss Hoover, defeated and calloused toward Ralph's learning disabilities, tells Ralph that there are no more worms and he should "try to sleep while the other children are learning." Ralph rejoices saying "Oh boy ... sleep! That's where I'm a Viking!"

The implication is that Ralph is too stupid to be taught, too stupid to know he is being robbed of an education, but also too stupid to use an education anyway, thus happy to be released from the trial of trying. Now used to describe joyful release in accepting lowliness and failure, especially when failure allows for some trivial but enjoyable hobby.
I flunked my midterm but now I can get back to playing Rocket League, that's where I'm a Viking.
by Angela Merkin November 30, 2020
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