the best person you'll ever meet, chill as hell, sexy as hell, and cool as hell.
thach is the coolest person ever, he's so chill
by secretivebear March 07, 2015
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A Gorgeous women who is great to talk to ,and to be in a relationship with , she will right you lots of love letters, and call you alot , but she will always be there for you, never take a girl like her for granted.
That woman Hellen Thach will always be my first love.
by myveryFirstlove December 02, 2011
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In LuB Wit LieN Fo LyF...But mY Condoms BouT To ExpirE HuNnie!
TatsHmE:i lub you hunnie bun
by Nate Doggy Fizzle November 14, 2003
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