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An exorbitantly long text that, on one's phone, almost resembles an essay. Something that the person probably should have just called you and talked to you or left you a voicemail for. Textays usually go off on tangents and ignore the original topic at hand.
Chick, via text: hey how's it going :) i went to the supermarket ystrday and i was thinking of youuu i saw these cantaloupes and their skin had the most bumpy texture just like your hands after you were carrying the furniture upstairsss like who even knew someones skin could turn out like that?? i dont know?? haha we'll see after i go to med school though and i can diagnose everyone like it's nobody's business.. xxxoxxo ;))
Dude to friend: Wow, all I asked her was if she wanted to go to the hockey game... She sent me back a whole textay.
Friend: Maybe you should grade that shit.
by Brohan Santana May 22, 2009
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