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When a boy calls a girl, and she responds with a text, thereby avoiding a verbal conversation but finding out what he wants. Similar to blowing someone off. Boys can do this to girls as well. It's also rampant among coworkers.
I keep getting the text off from Shelly. I don't think she wants me to ask her out!

Jimmy called me last night, but I didn't feel like having an awkward conversation so I'm going to text him off.

Dude, Sally keeps blowing up my phone. I decided to be nice and text her off instead of just ignoring her. That way it won't be weird when we see each other.
by GetaClue June 02, 2009
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texting many messages to a sex interest for later while you are in the midst of hanging out with someone you don't want to be with
While with chubby girlfriend number one, Carlos decided to text off "you're hot", followed by "wanna hook up later", followed by "after 2 when i get out of work", followed by "you naughty thing you" to girlfriend number two.
by xibalbalola January 16, 2007
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Texting instead of calling your employer to advise you will not be coming into work. Commonly used to avoid having to fake sounding sick when you are not actually sick.
"I really want to blow off work today, but my boss will ask me questions. Why don't you Text Off instead?"

"I'm not coming in today I am very sick right know I ve been taking medication all nght. Body is all aching doctor advise to stay home until Wed."
by jombinator October 14, 2011
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