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A combination of sick, twisted, fecal obsession, repressed homosexuality, fairy-tale based reality perceptions with undertones of pedophilia, vivid beastiality, general incontinence, all of which is by no means humorous to the sane.
Ho0o0o0 chile...I was jus' in teutsche's pink igloo. It was ful o' soiled depends, raped woodland creatures chained to the wall, mamed baby dolls, little boys locked in ornate bird cages that had oh so clearly been fucked in they be-hinds. "Aunt Jemima (as he refers to himself) get on yo knees and suck dick fo' rock. Now pre-heat that fetus-filled oven on da-double. Eazy peezy lemoh squeezy chile...."
by Stephen Exeter April 16, 2007
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