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A female who suffers from pathological narcissism or the aggressive form of borderline personality disorder. Bird is slang for woman in many parts of the world. Prehistoric terror birds (scientific name Phorusrhacids) were carnivorous, flightless apex predators 1-3 meters tall.

These people can be difficult to screen out because they are often very good at hiding their real selves, especially the narcissistic types. In addition they are frequently physically attractive. Includes gold digger types.
Jane is just a terror bird who'll help you spend as much of your money as she can and then dump you.
by Cumbre Vieja March 26, 2015
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Scary gay flirt. With interchangable hair. And mosher-esque clothes. And no body hair.
"What's with your hair, Terrorbird?"
by Anonymous May 14, 2003
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Bird-like creatures of the jurrassic period which walk the streets today. They usually have millions of smaller minions at their disposal.
"WATCH OUT the terror birds coming!Cover your heads!"
by myra May 10, 2003
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