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A low-life, mooching, scheming scum bag who doesn't know how to wrap it up and walks around spreading STDs and babies. Usually lives in "da hood" and spends the day doing nothing but sleeping and fighting with his 3 different baby mamas.
Girl 1: You dated him????

Girl 2: Yeah, what's wrong?

Girl 1: He's a Terique!

Girl 2: *runs to nearest Planned Parenthood*
by Thing_One March 08, 2010
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A good friend who would stick up for you. He is so nice but can sometimes have a stank ass attitude. But under all that he’s such a great friend and knows how to suck dick good

(Just joking but ya never know)
Josh: terique smd last night
Kevin: but he was with me
Katrina: y’all dumb he was McDonald’s with me
Terique:Why y’all lyinggggggggg omg😅😅 like I was
by Shaniqua whore July 14, 2018
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