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Masturbating and successfully ejaculating on ten separate occasions in the space of 24 hours
Boy1: Alright boy2, do you wan come out to the cinema today?
Boy2: Can’t mate, I’m on a tenfold bash. I wouldn’t have the time!
Boy1: Come on mate, you can nipp off to the toilets every now and again
Boy2: Nah mate, SERIOULSY a tenfold bash is hard work
by Willis McGee July 20, 2006
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To masturbate for ten different reasons
Inquisitive man: Why are you masturbating?

Wanker: Because I'm stressed out, I just saw a picture of Jessica Alba, I have an errection, there's an erotic song playing, I'm feeling horny, I haven't had a wank in three days, I haven't got much else to do, no one else is in the house excpet you (why are you still here by the way?!), and I would like to relax and feel wanking is the best option for this

Inquisitive man: So you want to wank for NINE different reasons?

Wanker: Oh and I lost my keys so I want a wank

(Interuption)Conclusive man: You're having a tenfold bash!!

Wanker: Am I? I thought a tenfold bash was wanking ten times in one day?

Conclusive man: No, no. That's defintion one of the same term, the secondary definiton is to wank for ten different reasons, as in Wanker's case today.
by The Decoy Gay August 09, 2006
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