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The urge to camp out in the woods for a comparatively short period of time ("TEMPorarily live in a TENT"); this feeling usually develops when your presence at home would be undesirable/inconvenient, such as when you're wanted by the cops, or your over-the-age-of-legal-adulthood status interferes with your family's receiving state/federal assistance. This craving to "rough it" is usually fairly easy to fulfill if the weather is reasonably mild, since all you'll need to adequately survive is a small tent and a few clothes and blankets and other basic accessories. Plus in most cases your house is not going to be watched 24/7, and so usually you can sneak back home for midnight visits a couple times a week to shower and replenish your food/toiletries before slinking back to your remote campsite, while still allowing your family members to truthfully tell the authorities, "Oh, he doesn't live here anymore" if they come asking about you during the daytime. And then, once the heat is off (such as when "they" eventually give up looking for you, or after the desired government-assistance is supplied), you can quietly return to your home, and then keep a fairly low profile till the community gradually becomes re-accustomed to your presence.
The regulations for low-income-family assistance are not written with human reality in mind, and so there's a lot of temptention for assistance-seekers to "remotely conceal" various family members while the eligibility-evaluation proceedings are being carried out.
by QuacksO February 14, 2017
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