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To play a joke or harrass a telemarketer (harrassing phone salesperson) back when they call you.
Tom: Hello
Telemarketer: Is Tom Barker available?
Tom: yah, he's not married..ha ha ha, that me sweet heart
Telemarketer: Hi, this is Susy with Flossy Cruises, you've just won a cruise, all expenses paid for two to..
Tom: Susy, hey Susy that's a sexy name will you come with me on the cruise?
Telemarketer: um, Sorry Tom I'm not able to do that
Tom: oh i guess since you work there you can't come with me, hey that's ok, I can get you a fake ID with a new name baby
Telemarketer: I appreciate that Mr. Barker but let me tell you how to claim your prize, all you have to do is attend a short presentation this Saturday at the Flossy Inn
Tom: OH Susy, I'll meet ya there honey, I'll get a room with a king size bed and..
Telemarketer:Um Mr. Barker please I won't be there, but let me tell you the exciting offers you will hear about at the presentation
Tom: Now Susy, I'm all excited about your offer, as a matter of fact I'll tell you about it..I'm touching it right now
Tom:Susy? .....dial tone
... now people that's one sweet telemockery!
by lorak October 05, 2009
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