A paraphilia in which the person afflicted is sexually attracted to adults. Since it is the most common paraphilia, and the vast majority of the world's population has it, those who do usually fail to realize that they have it, and end up ostracizing all other paraphilia, namely pedophilia or ephebophilia, insisting that they are "the norm". It can also be apparent in minors as well.
The vast majority of adults have teleiophilia. Anyone who doesn't is abruptly shunned.

"Leonard is only 12 years old, but he has a crush on his 39 year old teacher. You could say that leonard has teleiophilia."
by Mogasaki November 16, 2007
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Somewhat the reverse of pedophilia, teleiophila is when a minor or sometimes an adult is attracted to mature adults/adults older than them.
After Jim told me he thought our math teacher was hot I knew he was into teleiophilia.
by ThePrinceOfPirates August 18, 2015
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An attraction to adult humans. Due to this being common in most people, it is usually only used to describe children who have an attraction to adults, or used by pedophiles when talking about non-pedophiles.
Todd is 14, yet seems to want to bone his math teacher. Guess he's into teleiophilia!
by dreggsome August 29, 2020
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