teet yeet: when a female to male transgender or non binary person gets their chest flattened using surgery, more commonly known as “top surgery
person 1:bruh i can’t wait for my teet yeet
person 2: i’m excited for you man!
by elliotsamsun July 4, 2019
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to rid of your titties and become the handsome man you always were inside
im getting my teet yeet tomorrow

aw sweet dude
by Punk Rock Santa April 12, 2019
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Teet yeet- when somebody is offended by you breast feeding in public, so you shoot breast milk into their eye to teach them to mind their own fucking business
Eg. "I was feeding my baby and this man told me I shouldn't get my boobs out in public, so I teet yeeted that perverted fuck to teach him a lesson"
by Sinnerbuns November 1, 2020
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