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A noun that describes items of technology (especially as relates to software, computers and computer programs) that is so poorly understood by the speaker that they lack even the most rudimentary terms or frame of reference required for even the simplest description. Similar to the word: "thingamajig".
Example 1:

- You know the stuff on Bob's website that moves around?

- What the f*ck are you talking about, is it flash, java, php?

- Dunno, anyway, I want some of that technowazzle on my site.

Example 2:

Tom: "Anyway, you should check out Dave's new software program, it figures out how to get beautiful women to come knocking on your door in minutes."

Albert: "How does it work, does it use APIs? Or does it function off of a reverse flux capacitator?"

Tom: "Not sure, it uses some technowazzle that brings hot girls to your door, what else do you need to know you boofhead?"
by Gary Goodbloke November 24, 2010
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