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A term introduced in 1973 by G. Louis Heath, Ph.D. in his book, THE HOT CAMPUS: THE POLITICS THAT IMPEDE CHANGE IN THE TECHNOVERSITY. It connotes a university that has strayed from the liberal arts and the search for the truth to one that has become focussed on the techniques of advancing faculty as well as student careers. This emphasis on technique or method over content and substance lies at the heart of the technoversity.
(1.) "This university is so focussed on the practical and applied it stifles my soul! It is a true technoversity!"

(2.) "Now that my university is festooned with computers and smart boards, the profs have gone power-point happy. If they would only discuss the meaning of things with me I'd feel less hemmed in."

(3.) "At a Technoversity, the medium is the message, and the message is HOW rather than WHAT and WHY."
by circus room February 10, 2011
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