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Technological Retardation occurs when one becomes so intrigued by and reliant on technology such as cell phones or the internet (facebook) that the outside world becomes defunct. A person who had become technologically retarded would:
* Rather text on their phone than have a genuine conversation.
* End a relationship with a text or email instead of in person like a respectfull human being.
* Misspell common words like "your" (ur) or "what"
(wut-wat) in important situations (such as on a job application) making themselves look like a moron.
* Send you a text message while within an audible distance or line of sight
You cant even take your attention away from that cell phone long enough to comprehend what im saying, and you sent me an email to me asking if i would "give you the remote"... technological retardation
by Flatulent Queef February 23, 2011
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