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1. a computer nerd with hippy ideals

2. there are cyberpunks and script kiddies, but technohippies are a breed of their own. they are not malacious, but only interested in the way things work. usually not the "l33test", (in terms of knowledge of a specific area), but they have a broad wisdom of many different technologies. the favored music of the technohippy consists of (but is not limited to): post-rock, electronica, ambience, eccentric cultural music, and any other obscure music. technohippies are often very philosophical, but are open to new ideas (as long as they are somewhat intelligent). ignorance and hatred is looked down upon by the technohippy, and some may even be a bit cynical. all in all, a technohippy is a philisophically-open eccentric geek.
1. look at those technohippies, marching for their rights to share music

2. i am not a hacker. i am not a cyberpunk. i am a technohippy.
by subtlerobot January 10, 2006
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An unemployed Techno DJ who likes putting dildo's and other objects in his ass
The girls warned each other not to go home with that DJ because he is a techno hippy.
by DBD Kevin March 13, 2010
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