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The word « technocrasshole » is a slang corporate word to define a growing type of workers in corporation and professional settings. These workers hide their incompetency behind laws, processes, financial reports and the like. Since technocratic tools and expert jargon are on their side they believe that they possess the truth and that the rest of the universe is composed by unknowledgeable people. Technocrasshole cannot demonstrate any type of creativity, create “red tape” where none is required and enjoy creating “work-generating” useless processes. While in fact they are the direct antithesis of efficiency, their arrogance pushes them to try to expand their technocratic view throughout the organization causing irreparable harm to it. As a result, technocrasshole’s speeches successfully allure the other technocrats, the incompetents and “Wally” of the office. This is what makes them more dangerous than the typical low-profile technocrat. The net result of the technocrasshole’s influence is a deterioration of the level of efficacy within an organization.
Unfortunately for the corporate world, incompetent Lawyers, Accountants, Quality Assurance experts and Consultants often become Technocrasshole.
by zirconbh May 20, 2010
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