Someone that doesn't have a clue about working with technology. They can't work myspace and send attachments on emails.
Could also be when you have a techno-peasant moment. This is when your mind strikes a blank working with your computer.
Karin: "Man just saw the coolest music video on youtube!"
Jei: "What is youtube?!?"
Karin: "Where have you been? Your such a techno-peasant!"

Matt :"Maybe you should add the video track when you export your timeline! Then you would have a picture!!!"
Jei :"Agh, man i'm such an idiot, i totally forgot!"
Matt :"haha, techno-peasant!"
by Jeninja-inja March 21, 2007
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Someone who has been shunned from the tech savvy world we now live in. Many software programs require some software, computer or tech knowledge to operate. Not having this basic knowledge can leave you confused. Programs written for techno-peasants are the key to these individuals future.
I received an email from a volunteer saying that "even a techno-peasant can understand Shiftboard and picked up their shifts for our event. Scheduling made easy for even us techno-peasants"!
by Munterhitch October 4, 2010
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Someone who knows nothing, or has limited knowledge about technology.
Sally - 'Whats the difference between internet and intranet?
Brett - 'God! you're the biggest techno peasant!'
by rhiannonRIOT January 29, 2008
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Someone who has absolutely no idea how technology works and how to use it.
dude, your mom cant open her own email, what a techno peasant

wow, this noob is a freaking techno peasant he cant even find porn on the internets
by Rocky1`21123123123 January 11, 2008
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A person who is technologically challenged, and who is uneducated about modern conveniences such as; MP3s, VCDs, burning CDs, Digital Cameras, instant messages, text messages, e-mail, etc...
My neighbor is a techno-peasant, he doesn't know how to upload the pictures from his digital camera onto his computer.
by S. T. June 24, 2008
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