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TeAwhi is a kind,caring,loving,happy,bubbly,artistic,well dressed spoken and mannered, humble, respectful, loyal, committed kind of guy. The sort of guy whose smile is brighter then the sunlight, the sort of guy who makes you laugh and you love to have around you. The sort of guy who is that laid back and chill, hes cooler then an eski full of beers swimming in ice ! The good sort who you wouldn't hesitate taking home especially to a family reunion. The kinda guy you wouldn't say no to if he got down on one knee and proposed ! The sort you would love to fall in love with, the type you would fall for if you were to look in to his big beautiful eyes. The most delightful caring and loving guy you will ever stumble across as a matter of fact a real family man. The kind you wana spend every day of the rest of your life with. Hes that heavenly, especially his presence and vibes one would think hes gods gift to woman. Besides the nick name " Mantis " ( given to him by the McGoldrick brothers ) hes also known as chameleon ! As he can blend in anywhere, where ever he is regardless of his location or the people he is surrounded by. Over all, hes husband material and there is no doubting or debating that !
Omg TeAwhi is such a cool guy !!!! Hes funny, cute, charming and very well spoken ! So humble and respectful like wow im so suprised, I new all that bullshit I heard about him was rubbish ! But like on a serious note, hes so good looking ! You would swear to god that he fell from heaven somehow, hes so cute ! His face was obviously crafted by angels thats how I know you cant be that good looking and not come from heaven ! But his smile.. could easily brighten up the darkest of caves like wow ! Sam and Frodos Phial of Galadriel light crafted bye the elves has nothing on how big bright and beautifull his smile is !
by Nzsmostbrutal July 12, 2017
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