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not to be confused with "teagagging",this word has it's roots in the sexually robust and communal "gangbang" of yester-years cheezy porn. The act itself consists of a group, or "gang" of men who constitute the "baggers" , and the "baggee" usually a single person who has an overwhelming obsession to feel multiple scroti plopping into their open, waiting mouths. In some instances, the act is played out in a similar fashion to some sporting events, where rules such as the "stubbly grundle", or "Steaming Herman" are rigidly enforced, and determine just how long the act will be allowed to continue. This usually occurs during the final stages of the warping of the afflicted's moral compass, and worse things should be expected.
Oswald was elated at the good news: the local Do Gooder's pervos and barbershop quartet, had chosen him to accompany them, under pledge status, to the following nights festivities, the focal point being a good old fashioned teaganging.
by 1 beat off June 03, 2010
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