The creative spelling or grammar featured on the various signs used by protesters in the Tea Party movement.
"What does that sign say?"
"Say no to socilism."
"That protester is well-versed in teabonics."
by thisischris March 31, 2010
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using words and hand painted signs to SAY one thing and meaning something tatally different.
go to any tea party demonstration and read the signs that they carry--- you will see teabonics at work
by jbbruce001 October 12, 2011
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Coded phrases of the Tea Party movement, used to indicate which un-American, un-Republican, un-Christian plot to:

- redistribute wealth
- destroy liberties
- take away guns
- destroy marriages via homosexual peer-pressure
- imprison GOP-voting patriots
- implement anarcho-Marxist-fascist-socialist-Communism
- create a one-world government where black people rule
- create FEMA camps that execute dear old grandmas
- install bureaucrats who decide who lives or dies
- make the rich pay for the lazy, dirty poor people
Examples of teabonics:

"Take our country back!" (save us from a black man and changing demographics)

"We believe in states' rights!" (we'd still have slaves if it weren't for Lincoln)

"Say NO to socialism!" (we don't want government to function for the benefit of average people, only corporations and the very rich)

"blah blah blah...Barack HUSSEIN Obama" (see? look! His middle name sounds Middle he's a terrorist!")

"We are a grass-roots movement" (FreedomWorks, Fox News)
by el_che April 7, 2010
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