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The emotional "baggage" carried around by an anti-gay activist who hires a rentboy for homosexual activities, and gives the excuse that he only hired the boy to "lift his luggage" (a.k.a. baggage).
A: Did you hear about George?

B: Yes, it's unfortunate. He must have found that boy quite useful for gently cradling his bags in the palm of his hand.

A: Bags filled to bursting with sweet tea...

B: George will be less effective now that he's carrying all that teabaggage around all by himself.
by WryObserver May 08, 2010
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Carrying around the burden of being white, privileged, and wealthy while assuming that somehow means your oppressed.
Glen Beck has more tea baggage than Louis Vuitton.
by freerangegeek September 14, 2010
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