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The nastiest of the nasty, AKA thug nasty. Followed by the Tboa Nation, they are nasty, I mean Nasty.
The Tboa and Tboa nations strengths are Being Nasty, Being tboa like, and paccing, thats playing pacman for all you rookies. The weaknesses are pink lemonade.
by tboa December 07, 2006
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this acronym stands for "Tool Bag On A Saddle"; it should be used by everyone, it is pronounced "Tee-BoZ". USE IT. This word can describe any male who comes off as, or actually is a tool, who used to, currently does, or may someday ride a horse. be watchful of this man, he'll getcha. generally, these men have large noses and itty bitty whoopsie daisies.
Twitch was being such a TBOAS, he made her so mad and then didn't nug her for weeks to come. "Total TBOAS," thought everyone around them.
by porny diddles March 02, 2007
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