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(v) to spam co-workers or familiars repeatedly with increasingly desperate pleas that they a) vote for the spammer in a middling to wholly inconsequential online popularity contest, b) participate in some activity of declining worth for the exclusive benefit of the spammer, or c) do both at the same time.

The term is new, though the phenomenon it names is not. This entry is an attempt to aid the tubes' self-understanding, particularly as it relates to the taxonomy of trolls.

Some points concerning "tbecking" may aid netizens in identifying a "tbeck" when he or she is encountered:

1) Tbecking is often committed in an effort by the offender to postpone for a few moments more the dawning in their conscious understanding of the reality of their utter pointlessness.

2) Tbecking is agnostic regards the spamming medium.

3) Tbecking is sometimes a "gateway" method of spamming, in that little more is required to become a "tbecker" than an inflated sense of self-worth and a relative lack of self-consciousness. Many who would never think of spamming for the conventional reasons will tbeck without thinking worse of themselves. This blitheness rests upon a defective understanding.

4) If someone points out to the tbecker that they are, indeed, spamming, the tbecker will become indignant and accusatory rather than marking their withdrawal with an apology. The reaction to this confrontation is a useful heuristic for identifying true from accidental tbecks.
Christ, that guy just tbecked the entire company! No one cares about his stupid contests!
by rackyourbrains September 28, 2010
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