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Literally, "Too big; didn't open"

Said whenever a noob makes a post with an attached image that is too big to bother downloading to view in full size, specially on an image board like 4chan, instead of resizing it to a more practical size.

Usually implies that the person using it tried to open the image in full size but immediatly stopped the download after a couple of seconds of said image slowly appearing 90' style because it wasn't worth the wait (judgement made on the thumbnail) or as a protest against such an unrespectful behaviour.

When informed of his mistake, the noob will usually comment in a derogative tone on the internet connection of the protesters.
Original poster: "Hi guys what do you think of my new sweater? (2.25 MB, 3264x2448)"
User 1: "tb;do"
User 2: "learn2resize"
Original poster: "Remember how it's 2010 and it's not my fault if you still use a 56kb modem".
User 1: "Remember how i'm not wasting my pricey mobile internet traffic because you can't bother to use a stupid image editing software."
by keichix December 31, 2010
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