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a shrimp-sized boy compared to his girlfriend, the whale.
He pisses her off by continuously bantering her "size", thus making her lose significant amounts of weight.
Hey! there's taylor-tot and his greased up girlfiend, the whale.
by aleck baldwin February 01, 2008
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That one guy who doesn't get on until three in the morning, nor listens to Wittlocol, and tries to ruin every clip that Wittloc wants to get for his videos. TaylorTot also only plays realistic terrorist hunts for some mundane reason and fails 99 percent of the time. Despite all that, he keeps trying and he eventually wins that realistic terrorist hunt or clutches a nice round in ranked, or surprises us and screams into his mic when he dies.
TaylorTot, STOP.
by The Truth Teller-.. June 19, 2018
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A Taylor-tot is a red-headed Taylor that is extremely THICC
Guy 1: Wow, he's totally a Taylor-tot.
Guy 2: You're gay af.
by Chryedeux October 25, 2017
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