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A beautiful girl whose name just so happens to match her beauty. Taylor-Jane is a very unique and rare name just like her personality type. She is genuinely kind hearted, loves to help out others when they are in need.. Loves volunteer work. Taylor-Jane often has blue eyes anda super sexy body.. She is mesmerizing, loves to tease, please and overall achieve! She is beautiful on the inside and out but she does have her flaws. Taylor-Jane is often insecure, especially in relationships. She never feels good enough for anybody when in reality, she is perfect. Always reassure her the truth or she will go wild. If you have a Taylor-Jane in your life, keep her close and never let go!
"Shes so beautiful!"

"Oh whats her name?"


"Her name matches her beauty!"
by anonymousxoxoxoxoxo November 21, 2014
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