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To render one's anus or vagina in a graphical state of distress, as a result of a particularly violent bowel movement or penetrative intercourse.
The description comes from the similar appearance to the ripped edges of a windsock (an item of metrological equipment used to establish wind speed/direction) as used at airports/flying schools, etc., which have become tattered as a result of excessive weather conditions.
"God, that curry last night was awesome - my arse puckered starrusty sheriff's badgechocolate tea towel holder this morning was like a tattered windsock"

"He was hung like a horse; my twat vadgegrowleryeti's welly looked like a tattered windsock afterwards"
by Chris Dwyer June 10, 2006
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The act of one male battering the anus of another's so that it resembles a tattered windsock.
George Michael left prison with his ass looking like a tattered windsock
by StevieK... November 05, 2010
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