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The shortening of the common derogatory word tardmuffin
However, once someone constantly shortens the word tarmuffin to tardmuff, they instantly become more popular with the people who surround them.
It sounds colder, less personal, and less like a five year old trying to be cool, than tardmuffin
The term tardmuff never goes out of style or fashion. It always remains deep in the brains of those who use it.
Elizabeth says: God, Nancy, stop being such a tardmuffin!
Johnny says: Tardmuffin? That's such a cool word!
Elizabeth says: I know, right?!
Luke says: She's such a tardmuffin.
*Nancy goes to cry in a corner all by herself for a week*
-One week later-
Nancy says: Jesus, Elizabeth, give me back my diet soda, ya tardmuff.
Luke says: Huh? Tardmuff?
Nancy says: Yeah...
Johnny says: That is soooo badass, Nancy!
Elizabeth says: Guys, she obviously just stole my word from last week!
Luke says: Shut the fuck up, tardmuff! Nobody cares about you.
*Elizabeth goes and cries in a corner all by herself for the rest of her life because the word tarmuff never goes out of style*
by ChannelingJ-Woww. August 30, 2010
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