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Neo Nazi Asshole Sara Palin's pet name for her "special needs" son. Also see tard, fucktard.
Sara Palin called to Levi Johnston "Where's my little tardbaby. Levi was busy filling her daughter Bristol Palin with his Moose Meat and didn't answer.
by Cuntoleezza Rice November 07, 2009
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Somone who frequently commits extremely foolish actions.

Some say it is an abbreviation of a retarded baby, others say it is an abbreviation of bastard baby (illegitimate child)

I reckons it's pretty dam cool
You tardbaby, you trapped your foot in your briefcase again
by chazzybaby December 05, 2005
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a person who exhibits characteristics of a mentally retarded person but is too inept to warrant being classified as an adult
James, you tard baby. I'm gonna say this one more time. That teal shirt takes your level of douchery to a whole new level.
by douchetastic October 30, 2008
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Any species of the tard genus under the age of 3 years old. Looks like a normal tard under ordinary circumstances, but when agitated transforms into a 10 foot tall monstrous troll that kills everything it sees making strange noises that deafen all who hear.
OMG! That evil tardbaby is ripping Henry's arms and legs off! Get in the house Margaret!
by TBates April 28, 2008
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