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If you have this name, you are garbage at MK and can't whiff punish.
Look at this dude, Tanapol can't even whiff punish.
by Dracon. June 01, 2018
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Only the largest motherfucker you will ever meet. The most shredded human being seen to the human eye. Even his 20 inch cock has a six pack on it. His cock is so fat and long it can crush anything in its path. Every girl falls in love with his huge girth, but he has no time for them thots. He has been granted the nigger pass, even though he is not black, he can say it because he is so large, Currently, he is dating Ronald Liu and loves his relationship. His ass is so thick the world revolves around it. Biggest. Unit. To exist...
Wow that guy is such a tanapol
by kjdasgcias November 13, 2018
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