A boy that likes to bitch and gossip like female . A guy who is also childish and disrespectful . By Mel and Ani
" idgaf all the bitches can SMD." That's tampon boy behavior . Mad rude

Now that's a tampon ass boy
by Mel and ani November 12, 2014
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Derisive nickname for an effete leftist ninny/argumentative little girlyman who is devoted to and consumed by partisan moonbat politics
^ Wacko wingnuts like you don't care about objective reality. You'd rather be taken in by the Dotard's lies and fabrications, which make no sense to those of us with a functioning brain, a working spine, and a soupcon of self-respect!
> Yeah, sure. Whatever you say, tampon boy *fart*
by AcheNot April 15, 2019
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