the most goregous anime guy ever! was brought to life by talented shoujo manga artist, yuu watase.

tamahome is the main male character in the anime/manga Fushigi Yugi and is one of the Suzaku Seven, one who must protect the preistess of suzaku, Miaka. He has the "oni" or "ogre" symbol on his forehead and he has the special power of possessing all martial art skills and throwing "chi blasts". after all the shit that the enemy put Miaka and Tamahome through, Tamahome is reincarnated into miaka's world as "taka".
Unfortunately for me, Tamahome and Miaka have the hots for each other so my anime self has no chance with him. but thats just creatively speaking. -_-
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 24, 2005
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1. A person fond of creating stories about imaginary girlfriends and mythical creatures produced by one's creative way of thinking
2. To hallucinate or being a schizophrenic.
1. I've got a hot beautiful girlfriend, romantic, god I'm so lucky. She's actually my boss and I'll brag this to the internet. (tamahomeing).
by the_elle December 27, 2011
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1. The brilliant manga-ka's gorgeous anime creation of the anime/manga series Fushigi Yugi

2. The hotness of nonexistant guys due to the general lack of true hotness in the real world
1. Tamahome's goin all dbz on us again. Seizure!

2. Danny Phantom is so Tamahome
by Niya January 16, 2005
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A prep. that likes to sit in antares 8 and show off his meager accomplishment of level 200. You and the rest of your mungers at can all catch any random vinerial disease.
"Hi Im Tamahome and Im addicted to penis"
by Dont worry about it August 8, 2003
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