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The Talaxian is a humanoid civilization in the Star Trek universe native to the planet Talax in the Delta Quadrant. The Talaxians surrendered to the Haakonian Order in 2356 after a decade-long war was ended by the deployment of the metreon cascade, a deadly weapon that killed over 300,000 Talaxians on Rinax. Talaxians who came in contact with the fallout from the metreon cascade suffered metremia, a deadly blood disease.

The Talaxian respiratory system is directly linked to multiple points along the spinal column.

It is a tradition in Talaxian society to share the history of a meal before eating, as a way of enhancing the culinary experience. It is also tradition for Talaxian proper names to end with the letter x.
neelix is talaxian
by jaszon mcroja May 27, 2005
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A race of aliens whose genetic structure is actually made up of "square" (though technically cuboid) cells. This leads to cuboid shit and the tendancy to write documents using a Brown font colour, or "Brown Text".

Most of them are faggots.
See those guys over there looking faggoty? What a bunch ot Talaxians.
by Gallagsn June 09, 2004
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