to tease or kid someone. British slang
are you taking the mick

by simona August 31, 2006
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Taking the mick/mike/michael are variants of "Taking the mickey" which is Cockney Rhyming Slang. In full it is "Taking the Mickey Bliss" rhyming with... taking the piss meaning to poke fun at someone either humorously or aggressively. Sometimes reworded to "extracting the michael"
Are you taking the mick/mickey? (extracting the michael)
Calm down, I'm just taking the mick/mickey.
Relax, he's only taking the mick/mickey.
by Shutey July 15, 2018
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Using someone as the butt of a joke (taking the Piss out of someone).
We really took the mick out of paddy! I was only taking the mick.
by Gasmixman January 14, 2006
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Annoying someone in a funny way.
He's taking the mick out of the boys hair cut. Ha ha!
by mr slang uk August 18, 2009
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