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Takashi Shirogane, everyone's favorite space dad.

He has a robotic arm in which he uses to fight. Some may call it the 'slap of doom'. He piolets the black lion and would probably sacrifice himself for one of his space kids. He is a beautiful human being and a pure little ball of joy.
by Zanheda May 04, 2018
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Takashi shirogane is the black paladin of Voltron. His nickname and most commonly used name is Shiro.
He is canonically a homosexual but his fiancé Adam died when trying to save earth from the Galra via season 7.

His teammates include:

Keith- kinda brother

Lance-someone who admires him

pidge-tech girl

Hunk- good cook

Allura- altean Princess

Coran- crazy uncle

Shiro is also known as space dad(dy) and is voiced by Josh Keaton.
“I love you Shiro, you’re like a brother to me” *takashi shirogane*
by Axel_di_angelo October 28, 2018
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