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The most friendly and kindest girl ever. She'll always support you through thick and thin and you'd wish she was your best friend. She's super intelligent and amazingly beautiful.
"You'd wish you were a Tajra"
by iloveyouxx123 June 22, 2016
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A beautiful, ethereal girl who does not let anyone bring her down. She is strong, determined, and intelligent. She will make you laugh whenever you need that extra boost of cheeriness in your life and she will give you both shoulders to lean on when you’re down in the dumps. Never let go of a Tajra; she is one of a kind and you’ll never find another girl quite like her. She is a princess, so treat her like so. Consider yourself blessed if you know a Tajra and treat her well.
Person: Wow, she must be a Tajra because she is so radiant and breathtakingly beautiful !
by Poe December 06, 2017
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