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Tahvo is a gay man. He's normally tall and skinny he has blond hair. Too bad he gets all the ladies attention. As a child he whined and cried but got what he wanted because of his mom.
Girl 1: ooh look at that hotty!

Girl 2: too bad he's a Tahvo
by Gayhotty April 15, 2014
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A jack off buddy (from 'cum' /'come', meaning 'semen', and 'companion'); a friend that you get together with for sessions of solo or mutual masturbation
Variant of: cumpanion (from 'companion' & 'cum'); jack off buddy & wank bud & JO buddy
Similar to: fuck buddy
My bf and I used to really get it on together, but now it's just the occasional cumpadre wank
by Gladys Pipps-Knightley May 14, 2007
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