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Tits, titties, boobs, breasts, mammary glands - use as you please.
Dude after an ONS: You have some amazing tahtahs.
Girl: Thanks! I paid 10 grand for these. :-P

by african_dude February 16, 2008
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The onomatopoeic sound of spanking.
It can be used sarcastically to simulate slapping or spanking.

This originates from the Arabic tone of constant-onomatopoeic threatening.

Other examples are: Wham Pow etc.
He got an F?! I'll be sure to give him a nice TAH when we get back home.

We went to our neighbour's apartment the other day, and downstairs we heard TAH TAH TAH. We were reassured when he said there were constructions going on.
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by QuickTwixx January 25, 2019
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Pure ❤️ Modest 😎 and the type of person to trust and is real and thirl !!
Tahtah been by my back since yb days!”
by @Tsunami.i_ May 10, 2018
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