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Taheera, is something loving and carish, and comes from the cave Hira in saudia Arabia, and is know to be the cave where Muhammed recieved his first revelation from god. therefore Ta, which comes from Tha, from the ghetto "the". the + Hira becomes thaHeera, but after many years of use, people found it easier to say Taheera.

Taheera is therfore used when to describe something holy or godish.
you can often see a Taheera by the skintone, and the low hight, since Taheeras are very tiny. they can easily kill an human being because of its speed and sharp teeth. no one has fought against a taheera and survived.

taheera, the one person n the word that chuck norris fear.
wow, did you see that person walk on the water? yes, she must be an taheera
by Erlend Berger November 18, 2013
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